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There is something wonderful about a cake made just for you- whatever the occasion!    I have been watching baking shows since I was a kid and started baking and teaching myself during the Covid-19 quarantine when I was 14!  I loved bringing baked goodies to people just to make them happy and see them smile.  This turned into people asking me for custom cake and cupcake orders, and since there weren't many bakeries opened up at the time, my business took off. With such wonderful local support - word of mouth spread, and just like that, I started my own home baking business. 


You can be sure that your cakes, cookies, or cupcakes will always be of the highest quality and made from scratch! I enjoy learning new techniques and keeping up with the latest trends, and love it when my clients share pictures of what they are thinking and sharing ideas for the perfect result.  


If you are looking for a unique one-of-a-kind cake or some custom creative cookies, or cupcakes to make your special occasion more memorable, contact me on my Instagram page to get started!

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